Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Visit from artist Max Hayslette

Artist Max Hayslette gave a surprise visit to our library September 5th.  Max was born in Rupert and completed his studies at the Art Institute of Chicago. He currently resides in the Seattle, WA area.  When Max heard that Mina Shafer had given the Hardware store to the Town of Rupert stipulating it be the public library he wanted to be a part of the renovation project.  He emailed the director telling her that he wanted to donate three original oil paintings for the purpose of raising funds because he had a place in his heart for Rupert.  The paintings raised $14,000.  The painting of George Washington, seen in this picture,  is very outstanding.  The title of the painting is "George and the Boogie Woogie"  We didn't know our blue wall and cranberry colored chair would be a perfect match for the painting. 
The library director was so glad to meet Mr. Hayslette and share a few moments with him talking about his early life and his life now that he is 85 years "young".  He is still painting and enjoys good health. 
See you at the library